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ccess over 280 professional training videos on your iPhone. Created by professionals with years of experience training chefs in licensed culinary schools around the globe. Now you can access professional training on your iPhone that you'd normally pay hundreds of dollars for. Culinary school on your iPhone anyone can be a top chef! "s a chef instructor, find the videos both informative and useful. Students now are in the information age and small segmented videos play right into that. Long lectures don't get the point across as well as 15 minute blurbs. use whatever means at my disposal to ensure am producing the future trendsetters in the industry. Thanks so much for a great product." "Crazy good!! Shows great skills and techniques in cooking and preparing. Great for young and old cooks" "Love this app! Great value, 'll be using it a lot." ncludes over 280 skills videos with detailed voiceover instructions. Essential techniques for every chef and home cook knife skills, filleting fish, shellfish preparation, trussing poultry and much more. 9 Categories including Precision cuts, Meat preparation, Seafood preparation, Poultry preparation, Fruit preparation, Vegetable preparation, Basic cooking knowledge, Methods of Cookery, and Chef's Tips. ll videos are native to the application so there's no need for a wireless connection view the videos whenever you want! Suggested menu applications for each culinary technique. ll video content is currently used in hundreds of top culinary schools across the globe. Fully searchable with beautiful photos. New videos coming with free updates! Futura has a reputation for providing the highest quality resources for chefs and culinary students around the world. With years of experience and a focus on professionalism and innovation, you can be assured you are learning the correct techniques every time.


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