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Convertible is a unit converter that can convert anything from the normal to the notsonormal with its unique interface. Unit conversion is also entertaining and educational thanks to the many nonstandard units of measure available. “Stands out from many other apps of its type.” The New York Times Version 4 is fully iOS 9 compatible! Features iPad split view and slide over mode for compatible devices (iOS 9+ only) Today Extension, view your most recent conversion (great for Currency updates) Elegant interface with 19 beautiful themes Full range of standard units for both metric and nonmetric conversions Hundreds of nonstandard units categorised for quick access Geography, Nature, Everyday Objects, Sports, etc. Compound unit conversion on many units including time (e.g. hours, minutes, seconds), length, area, etc. Fraction input and output on some units (e.g. inches) Scheme support, automate conversions with apps such as Launch Center Pro. djustable decimal precision from 5 to 15 significant figures. huge range of standard and non standard units from planck lengths to the size of the visible universe. Share conversions via Twitter, Facebook, email and messaging. Convertible helps to visualise unit conversions in ways not possible with other unit converters compare distance in miles to the length of the mazon River, area in square yards to the size of a football field, the possibilities are endless. More conversion types are being added with each release, currently Convertible can convert Length Mass/Weight rea 161 Currencies including Bitcoin Energy Power Torque Volume Flow Pressure Force Fuel Economy Temperature Data Time Speed "Convertible is one of the most peculiar and fun iPhone apps I’ve downloaded recently." "With customizable themes, amazing readability and an intuitive and easy to use interface, Convertible is definitely in a class of its own." 4.5 stars,


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