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GR EE 4½ STR quality (all versions)! Fastest unit converter for iPhone and iPod Touch with intuitive draganddrop gesture! Favorites and History allow quick and easy access for frequent conversions! time saver! Realtime currency exchange rates updating! Lots of customization options! >> Hear what others are saying "The sleekest iPhone converter ever!" "Not all converters are created equal. Get it." >> Try the lite version to see how fast and smooth it works search "Converter Touch Lite" in the pp Store. >> lso take a look at the iPad version of Converter Touch search "Converter Touch in the pp Store. Converter Touch is an innovative unit converter which makes converting draganddrop simple. Ever feel frustrated when trying to find unit and unit in a looong scrolling list? Say goodbye to scroll wheels and start using Converter Touch, you'll find just how efficient you can be with unit conversion. [FETURES] Innovative DragandDrop conversion pairing units in the fastest possible way Elegant and intuitive interface dd units to Favorite and access them with a single tap utomatic update of currency exchange rates uiltin calculator rrange categories and units ctivate / Deactivate categories and units Recent conversion history Copy & paste Fuel consumption calculation MESURES] ngle rea Currency Data Size Data Rate Energy Flow (Volume) Force Fuel Consumption Length Power Pressure Radioactivity Speed Temperature Time Torque Typography Volume Weight (Mass) Luminance Illuminance If you have any questions or feature suggestions, or would like to report a bug, please mail us at



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