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"If you work with people with dysarthria, Parkinson's, or other clients who need to slow their rate of speech, Conversation Paceboard is a wonderful app to add to your toolkit." Speaking of Apps blog Conversation Paceboard is designed to help individuals with imprecise articulation and a fast speaking rate to pace their speech and improve their intelligibility in conversation. It consists of a pacing board made of 6 circles and 200 optional conversation questions. Unlike traditional pacing boards, Conversation Paceboard offers the user additional visual aids and feedback to help them to pace their speech. The user is instructed to begin answering a conversation question and hold a circle down each time they say a word or syllable. Each circle gradually changes color when pressed and a checkmark appears to indicate when the user should move to the next circle. The speed at which each circle changes color can be adjusted in order to help the user maintain the desired rate of speech. If the user moves to the next circle too quickly, "Too Quick!" will be displayed. Conversation Paceboard is ideal for individuals with dysarthria, apraxia, dysfluency and expressive language difficulties. See for yourself how effective a pacing board with additional visual aids and feedback can be!


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