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Quick Overview Access and manage your SanDisk Connect™ Wireless Stick, the next generation of mobile storage for your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook computer with the SanDisk Connect Drive app. Easily save videos and photos, stream videos and music directly from the drive¹even when it’s tucked away in your bag or in the overhead bin. Note SanDisk Connect Drive App requires a SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick to work (sold separately). This app is not compatible with prior generation of SanDisk Connect products like Wireless Flash Drive and Wireless Media Drive. To learn more about SanDisk Connect wireless drives, go to Key Features ‣ Userfriendly interface to access your content on your SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick ‣ Wirelessly store and stream content directly from the drive¹, without the hassle of wires or cables no Internet connection required ‣ Transfer photos, videos and large files from your iPhone or iPad to the drive and make room for more ‣ Stream popular video formats without the hassle of reformatting them for your iPhone or iPad ‣ Enable AutoBackup to copy photos and videos from your Camera Roll automatically Backup and restore contacts ‣ “Open in” compatible open files on the drive using 3rd party apps For examplee.g. attach an document using the native email app ‣ Swipe to the left or right easily navigate through content ‣ Easily access files directly from the drive or copy them to your iPhone or iPad for local access Optional view modes list, tile ¹Some DRMprotected content cannot be streamed. Check with the content provider for playback restrictions. Video support may vary based on host device, file attributes and other factors. Support ‣ App requires a SanDisk Connect wireless drive (sold separately) ‣ This app is not backwards compatible and will not work with the previous versions of SanDisk Connect products (Wireless Flash Drive and Wireless Media Drive) ‣ Requires iOS 8.0 or later About SanDisk Connect wireless drives (Specs) ‣ Works wirelessly via WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) ‣ Offered in storage capacities from 16GB ‣ Simultaneously connect up to 8 devices, and stream video to up to 3 ‣ Battery operated ‣ WiFi password protection SanDisk Connect™ Wireless Stick Note The Drive serves multiple file formats. However, streaming content such as videos and music is dependent on file formats supported by your device and Some DRMprotected content cannot be streamed. Check with the content provider for playback restrictions. SanDisk is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries. SanDisk Connect is a trademark of SanDisk Corporation. ©2015 SanDisk Corporation. All rights reserved.



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