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Complete is the world's first social todo and task management app. Join our community of encouraging, helpful, knowledgable people who work together to help each other achieve tasks and goals. Accomplish more by engaging your tasks with the Complete community to garner near instant motivation and advice for the things that matter to you. “When shared my goal for this week, which was to go for a run... was surprised by how much more wanted to do it when people were simply liking my note.” The Next Web Highlighted as Gizmodo's “Favorite App of the Week,” Complete is built to truly make your life easier through these key features Start sharing, Stop searching Share your tasks publicly with friends, family, and neighbors on Complete. Let them provide you with the information you need before you go looking for it. Create Private & Public Tasks Complete supports both public and private tasks so you have full control over when to call upon the community. Access Complete Anywhere Call upon the Complete community whether on your mobile iOS device or on your desktop computer via the web. Attach Task Photos Enhance your tasks with aspirational or inthemoment photos of tasks and future updates. Enjoy a Positive Community Sometimes all you need is encouragement. Because the Complete community is all about people helping people, you will find it difficult to use the app without smiling. “Although it sounds like a simple technique, even just telling two or three close friends can fuel your progress towards your goals.” Lifehacker Say goodbye to boring task lists. Say goodbye to procrastination. Complete does so much more than help you remember the milk. Complete is a true “wonder list” that empowers your network of friends and neighbors to help you achieve the goals you’ve set. Whether you’re searching for work, buying something new, inquiring about a hiking trail, or planning a vacation, make your tasks public and let the Complete community help you towards completion. Life is easier when tackled with support. Join Complete and let's accomplish together. /// f you want to ping us with questions or concerns, say hello at (! We'd love to hear from you!



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