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⭐ The and the Compass app Supports both new iPad and iPhone 5 Retina Display! ⭐ Beautiful designs just like the iPhone original compass. Easy to use. Features Magnetic North True North MultiLanguage Supports Retina Display (iPhone 5, iPhone iPhone 4 & The new iPad) iPad, iPad 2, The new iPad iPhone 5, iPhone iPhone 4, iPhone 6 Ready Notes In order to let Compass locate the True North direction, please select “Allow” when it requires your location information. Useful Knowledge Magnetic North, which differed from True North, changes over time. Between the True North and Magnetic North, there is the angle which is called Magnetic Declination. It varies from 0 to 20 degrees (up to 60 degrees or even more) in different areas of the world. Based on your geographic location, Compass Easy will calibrate the True North direction by calculating the Magnetic Declination. Compass scheme is "EWCompass//"



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