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ColorButler, the digital color swatch for color consulting 35 colors that suit your color type always ready to hand. ColorButler is the mobile supplement to your color swatch, which you have received for your color type as fan or folded card as part of a professional color analysis and color consulting. Do you know this problem you stumble upon a bargain, the latest thing or whatever makes your fashion heart beat faster but you left your color swatch with your colors at home. With the ColorButler you won’t have to refrain from an impulse buy again, and you’ll always find and choose the right colors for your type. And this is how it works since the display of each iPhone generation reproduces colors slightly differently, you have to do a simple color calibration once using your color swatch. After that the ColorButler will be ready for use and always at hand. You can save your favourite colors as favourites and create a personal color palette from the colors of your color type. Moreover, ColorButler is linked to our shop where you can reorder color swatches. Please note 1. ColorButler requires that your color type (e.g. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) has already been determined correctly. 2. ColorButler is not suited for determining your color type. This can only be achieved with a professional and personal color analysis and color consulting. 3. ColorButler shows you on your iPhone, which colors match your color type. It is your adviser and your buying helper. It wants to supplement an already existing printed or fabric color chart (and not replace it), as you can always have it with you on your iPhone and therefore cannot forget it anymore. 4. Since the color reproduction of the respective iPhone generations differs, you should test the color reproduction before the first use of the ColorButler once and if necessary calibrate the colors. The easiest and most reliable way to do this is to compare the color reproduction with a printed professional color swatch from our assortment. You can also use the color swatch of other providers or dispense with calibration altogether. However, there might be the danger of colors not being reproduced accurately. We do not take any responsibility for mispurchases due to handling errors or wrong calibration. App functions 4 basic color types (in accordance with the popular four season system) Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter 5 mixed color types complementing the basic color types (based on a nuanced color system with 9 or more color types springsummer, springfall, summerfall, summerwinter, fallwinter) 35 suitable shades for each color type Distinct name for each color shade Colors can be viewed as complete palette or in fullscreen singleimage view Favorites function Color calibration function based on the color model Share your colors by email or in social networks Language support for German, English and French



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