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Enter the cockpit and see with the eyes of your drone Cloudlight turns your headset into high quality goggles. Features First Person View () optimized for headsets. OnScreenDisplay shows live telemetry data such as battery level, height or camera orientation. Pilot mode allows to instantly switch the video signal between the drones point of view and that of the pilot. HeadTracking allows you to control the camera by turning or tilting your head. (2 axis on Inspire1, only vertical axis on Phantom 3) Safety Cloudlight is build on the official Level1 which means that it will not and can not send control input to the drone, only read and display data from it. Supported Platforms Phantom 2 Vision / Vision+ Phantom 3 dvanced / Professional Inspire 1 Supported Headsets Zeiss One ll cardboardstyle headsets Requirements Headset One of the supported drones



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