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Develop literacy skills and build confidence with Clicker Books the book making app that includes extensive support for students of all abilities. Continuously developed by Crick Software for over 20 years, the Clicker product range is used in schools around the world. “This app gives children a structure to work within but also enough flexibility to produce personalized books. Clicker’s trump card is the inclusion of their word and picture bank tools to support learners further. would certainly recommend Clicker Books for use across the whole curriculum.” Mike Elliott, Teacher and CT Advisor recently discovered app that is as brilliant as the version of Clicker… take it from me this is an essential app for a special or elementary classroom blessed with iPads.” Anthony Evans, Assistant Principal the Clicker support in Clicker Books! how the editing functions are so intuitive and selfexplanatory and how easy it is to export and share." Erin Sheldon, parent and Consultant CHLDFRENDLY MAKNG Students use the childfriendly tools to add pictures, text and sound to create fantastic looking books. As you’d expect with a Crick Software app, customizable reading and writing support is included to help children of all abilities achieve success. TEACHERFRENDLY As well as being a wonderful app for helping children to create books, you will want to make books for your students to read, tailoring the content to their learning needs. n addition, you can create preprepared books for students to complete these may contain word or picture banks to support children as they create their books. WRTE WTH CLCKER As they write, children benefit from acclaimed Clicker support features including Speech Support enables students to review what they have written and think carefully about what they are about to write. Clicker’s “SoundShift” button enables students to listen to any word on the page, or in the word predictor, or spell checker. Word Predictor suggests words that fit the context of students’ writing. The predictor can be customized according to reading level, helping students to use good vocabulary and create flowing text with accurate spelling. Word Banks provide customized vocabulary support for any topic. ChildFriendly Keyboard & Font a choice of two lowercase keyboards, and the Sassoon font as standard. & TURES Add pictures from your iPad, take photos with the camera, or use the integrated painting tools you can even paint on top of images. For additional support, create picture banks to help students quickly find topicrelated pictures. LSTEN Tap the speech button to listen to the text on the page. Or record your own speech a fantastic way to fully personalise a book, and a great alternative to writing for children with special needs. S Childfriendly doesn’t mean fixed layouts! Use a simple tiled layout or customize your page as much as you want. When you’re ready, share your books as a via email, AirDrop, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, WebDAV or print to any Airprintcompatible printer. Watch your students’ confidence grow as they see what they have achieved! CRCK STWARE CLCKER FAMLY Based in the and Crick Software has a worldwide reputation for quality educational software for students of all abilities. To find more Clicker Apps, search for Crick Software in the App Store.



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