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This application produces in realtime crystalclear images of any text document, white board, black boards and slides by taking pictures with the iPhone, iPod or iPad camera. Our allnew magic filter gets rid of any background and shadows over the document, to produce a clear white background with crisp and contrasted characters and an unmatched readability and printability. Our filter is particularly efficient in difficult light conditions, and is specifically optimized for shooting white and black boards. Our software is equipped with automatic rectangle detection to correct perspective and crop the image appropriately. The images are automatically saved in the Photo Library for later use. Images can be easily timestamped. Features Scan any document with the iPhone, iPod and iPad camera Super fast allautomatic real time filter Our allnew filter produces perfectly crisp documents with optimal white background, even in difficult light conditions Filter specially optimized for shooting white board, black board and slides sessions Automatic and live adjustable perspective correction Save filtered images and import them later for perspective correction Automatic fit the right paper size Letter, Business card,... Resulting pictures are automatically saved into the Photo Library for later use Can apply filter to any image from the Photo Library Straightforward easytouse interface Optional picture timestamp Zoom and exposure control Optimized for iPhone, iPad and iPod with iOS 8.0 or more recent



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