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Gyroscope operated Aircraft Attitude ndicator, plus speed, altitude and Magnetic heading! am an Airplane and Helicopter Pilot, with an nstrument Rating in Aircraft. This was more than a year in the making, with many hours of test flights in a small airplane. No shortcuts were taken in the code, or as you can see the graphics. We take great pride in our apps and our customer support. Although this app is mainly meant for ground school applications, as a fellow Pilot can understand why you want to run right to an airplane and test it out in actual flight. have tested it in flight, and although not equal to a $5000 electronic gyroscope, the basic operation of pitch and roll with the built in Gyroscope does work in flight (a lot of custom code was required to get this working). t is very important to remember this is not approved, and cannot be considered reliable enough to depend on for flight. test fly and update very often, and keep improving the in flight operation, however, the Gyroscope in this device does have limitations in flight, mostly being that is has a lot of drift, and is susceptable to aircraft vibration error. Mounting the device with the least possible vibration is very helpful. nternal or External required for full operation (Altitude and Speed display). FAQ Can use this app as a Passenger on a Commercial Flight? Yes, when the flight deck says its to use electronic devices, you can use the iPad in flight and run this app. The app will run with "Airplane Mode On". With the airplane mode iPad setting, the is disabled, so the speed and altitude will not show up, however aircraft bank and roll, and compass will still work.


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