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ClassBreak is designed for teachers all over the world. If you have been teaching for one week or thirtyfive years, there is something in this application that will help you improve your teaching. ClassBreak will help Supply Teachers; Classroom Teachers; Specialist Teachers and even Headmasters challenge students on a new level daily. ClassBreak has all the information you need for getting to know a new class right through to filling in twenty minutes at the end of the day with a fun game. It is also great for building confidence, unity and selfesteem with your class through team building activities and class work designed to improve every aspect of the students learning. Challenge your class with a brainteaser or riddle to get them thinking in the morning, or break the lesson up with a few Brain exercises to improve the class’s focus. ClassBreak can be used in the classroom, gym, hall or an outdoors area. Each activity requires minimal equipment and is very easy to explain and set up. Perfect if you have been given a late replacement class or the activity you planned for did not take the entire lesson. ClassBreak has been made by teachers for teachers. Enjoy!


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