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The 1 World Clock for iPhone. Featured by pple around the World in iPhone > Travel > What's Hot. high quality, precise world time system. Planning your global activities will never be easier! MP ND Lets you see at a glance the time in any part of the world. COMPRE See and plan using the unique Compare view. Compare any cities on any date. ND For any date and for any city see the sun and moon rise and set times as well as the moon phase. DTE ND CLCULTOR Use a calculator interface to make date and time calculations thousands of years into the future or past. DSTNCE Find the distance and time to travel between various cities. DD dd as many of your own cities as you like to the 21,000 cities included with the program. PERFORMNCE ELEGNT Starts and works quickly and is highly optimised throughout. Thoroughly tested accurate database. One of the top 25 best selling Travel applications throughout the world. "The Easy to use with great features. t is one of the most sophisticated and user friendly apps. use it a lot to track times around the world. T !!! Thanks !" Review of version 1.30 12/23/09 "Great. Simple, flexible and powerful. Highly Recommended" Review of version 1.30 12/25/09 "Great time app!!! Unique time app that does what it is supposed to do. like the world map that gives a live, scrolling depiction of which parts of the earth are in daylight or shadow" Review of version 1.30 12/17/09



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