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Experience chakra healing and meditation with Jonathan Goldman’s Chakra Tuner. Balance and align your chakras with this powerful app for sound therapy and sonic transformation. Using Healing Sounds® pioneer Goldman’s internationally renowned system of Sacred Vowel Sounds, the Chakra Tuner allows you to experience individual chakra resonance. You can also use the Chakra Tuner sequentially with all 7 chakras going from root to crown or crown to root, with or without guided meditation. Utilizing high sound quality, the Chakra Tuner will bring you to a new level of health and transformation. Jonathan Goldman’s Chakra Tuner offers many unique features. With Chakra Tuner by Jonathan Goldman you will Listen and sound along with Chant Master Jonathan Goldman’s extraordinary Chakra Chanting Choose, select and experience the resonance of each chakra individually for as long as you like Experience having all your 7 chakras resonated with different sacred vowel sounds Go from the root (1st chakra) to the crown (7th chakra) in one sequence Go from the crown (7th chakra) to root (1st chakra) in one sequence Listen to the 7 Chakra sequence with or without guided meditation View the extraordinary chakra graphics by visionary artist Lahrinda to enhance visualization Experience harmonically tuned Chakra Chimes that amplify the Chakra Tuner healing Explore the power and energy of the chakras through over 16 pages of information on the chakras and use of the Chakra Tuner by Jonathan Goldman Information on Jonathan Goldman and links to his website as well as visionary artist Lahrinda’s website The sounds on the Chakra Tuner were created to have the greatest transformational and healing resonance The Chakra Tuner audio files were created at the highest audio quality possible to give you full spectrum sound waves that are 10 times greater in their essential sound energy than a standard audio file



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