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Take a trip through time with Kenny the Caveman to learn 54 basic concepts. This interactive, fully animated app teaches colors, descriptive words, location words, and more. Children take Kenny’s time machine to Ancient Egypt, the Old West, and far into the Future! Each time period teaches the same concepts, but in different contexts. Let your children explore and play as long as they want. They can even try to find Kenny the Caveman in each of the fifteen scenes―Kenny likes to hide! Then, you can have them take one of the three Concepts Quizzes to find out which words they know. Caveman Time Machine features Fifteen animated scenes (five for each time period) Intuitive, childfriendly interface Cool graphics Hidden animations to encourage children to keep exploring Three Concepts Quizzes that allow you to print or email results No inapp purchases or thirdparty advertising Reinforce 54 basic concepts All/None Apart/Together Awake/Asleep Big/Little Colors (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow) Dirty/Clean Empty/Full Finished/Start Good/Bad Hard/Soft Hot/Cold In Front/Behind Mother/Father Day/Night Old/New Open/Closed Outside/Inside Happy/Sad Same/Different Square/Round Here/There Top/Bottom Pretty/Ugly Under/Over Up/Down Wet/Dry



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