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Learn Spanish. From pictures of cats. CatSpanish combines the latest learning science with the power of internet cats to bring you probably the most powerful, and certainly the funniest, way to learn basic Spanish. Our amazing collection of cats teach you the key vocabulary, phrases and grammar you need to speak Spanish all in the most entertaining way imaginable. With more than a thousand phrases, the app has been expertly structured to guide you through all the most important words and grammar, without any boring memorization or rules. The app is simply purrfect for humans of all ages whether students, travellers or catlovers. Meow Gusta! Think Rosetta Stone, to the power of LolCats. Our unique combo of cats + brainscience is superfood for your mind. Learn phrases in short bursts, and we practise your new knowledge with five different testmodes multiple choice, typing, listening, conversation and matchthecat. Unlocks and rewards make learning a pleasure you'll keep coming back to. We track your progress and adapt to your strengths, helping you review your learning in the We make use of five scientific principles to ensure every human who tried it learns with pleasure. Visual association helps you store vivid memories Our adaptive testing strengthens your memories as you go (“The testing effect”) Our cats’ cuteness aids attention and positive mood (“Kawaii”) The humour makes everything more memorable (“Human (common) sense”) Repetition makes sure you never forget (“Spaced Repetition”) All in all, we're experts in cats and we're experts in languagelearning. We've put together the perfect course of catwords and catphrases to get you started speaking Spanish. More than a thousand key words and phrases. The cutest cats ever to feature in a language learning app Multiple learning modes The most beautiful native Spanish audio you're ever likely to hear! Adaptive learning algorithms made famous by the Princeton and Oxforddesigned Memrise learning system, to maximize retention. Lively music and sound effects, addictive game mechanics. am pleased and proud that my legendary cuteness has at last found a practical application" Lolcat have always thought of humans as slowwitted. t turns out that with the right help, you guys can learn quite quickly" Faint Praise Cat "We will be releasing this app for other languages as soon as you humans have eaten up all our Spanish. Yum." Headmaster Cat. "Despite being a dog lover found myself absolutely glued to this app." PeterDaGr8 brilliantly fun, easy to use and interactive app for entry level Spanish" Tobi "This is a truly outstanding app. Easy to use and makes learning easy. would give it bonus stars if could!" Simonbirch50 Find us on the web Find our on Twitter @CatAcademy Email us your thoughts Also check out, the coolest place to learn on the internets!



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