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The most powerful and comprehensive Safari ad blocker in the App Store. Casper antiads job is to all ads in your browsers to make it faster and to save on your data plan and battery. You have to try it and see the magic of this app! no gimmick, this is a real app. Since the release of iOS 9, content blocking is possible and more robust than ever before. Casper antiads is created to remove all ads from your internet browser and give you a smooth and fast experience. Casper blocking mechanism makes it easy to block ads and tracking scripts by just flipping a switch. It is time to stop ad networks and analytics providers build deep profiles about you across the web. In some unit testing performed by our specialist, we found that enabling Casper antiads reduced page loading time and total downloaded data on average by over 46%. Casper will save not only your battery life, but also your mobile data traffic…and on your wallet $$ There are three main controls in which you can enable upon your desire 1. Ad blocker It blocks all annoying ads from your Safari pages including popups, banners, location based ads, display Ads, retargeting ads, video ads and action ads resulting in clear and nice adsfree experience. 2. Media Blocker Blocks media data from being loaded. You can save data and boost speed on slow internet 3. Privacy Guard Avoids being tracked by tracking mechanisms and analytical tools that profile your browsing behavior What you will get in this app are updates that will prevent all new ads networks from appearing. Currently we run over 5000+ ads blocking mechanism life time support. updates that will make your internet browsing faster and give you a better and neat experience. Trackingfree browsing experience. Option to go on SuperFast mode by blocking media, fonts and Javascript Whitelisting for supporting good publishers you like Last, but not least Casper antiads is not a proxy server, thus we don't know your traffic and web pages you visit, which is just how it should be. We're supported entirely by our users and never take money from advertisers. We promise you an ad investment for life.


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