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risk and prevention The program purpose The interactive application "Risk and prevention" was developed for clinical practice to calculate cardiovascular risks for individual patients and typical patient profiles. This risk assessment may assist in prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Individual risks can be identified, controlled and reduced by medication and/or lifestyle changes. The probability to develop a is most frequently the result of multiple interacting risk factors. These factors were analyzed to determine the 10year risk of coronary heart disease (Framingham Score), the 10year risk of fatal cardiovascular disease Chart), personal risks, and the patient’s position in the processes of the cardiovascular continuum. Because diabetes influences the cardiovascular risk, either the determination of the diabetes risk by the DRSscore or the diabetes associated vascular risk score were integrated. How to use it fter choosing a predefined patient profile, the risk calculator screen appears. Individual patient parameters can be individually modified such as gender, age, lab values, etc. On the right side calculated results of the risk evaluation, the scores and a list of individual lifestyle risks and measures are displayed. PDF report for the patient with important risk factors, targets, and advices for lifestyle changes can be generated. In the personalized risk continuum all risks and the patient&apo;s position on the way to develop of renal or disease, are highlighted. The section "Micardis evidence based benefit" presents the studybased risk minimization by MICRDIS therapy and offers a direct access to the study in the STR Trial database "Evidence in Cardio & Vascular Protection". The provides a more detailed description of the program.


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