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Do You Want to Sell More Cars and Make More Money? Car Sales Assistant 2 will Help you Sell More Cars and Make More Money!!! Car Sales Assistant 2 is a designed to help you follow up with sold customers, unsold prospects (including walkin ups, internet leads, phone ups) and help guide you in your followup to make you more successful. Follow up with multiple customer types including Sold Customers, Walkin Prospects, nternet Leads, Phone Ups, Orphan Owners and More! Maintain a "Want List" so you can contact your prospect when you get a rare or special vehicle in stock! Keep track of your commission and grosses. Never be embarrassed again for forgetting a customer! Do a "Quick Search" by Vehicle Make, Model, Full or Partial Stock Number, Name and act like you have the memory of an elephant! Easy "Customer Lists" so you can see groups of customers like "Sold this Month", "Sold this Year", "Today's Business" and More! have been selling Car Sales Assistant and other software packages specifically built for car salespeople for over 13 years. have 18 years experience in car sales/F& and 30+ years experience programming.


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