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Sampled from the biggest bronze chimebells set ever found in China, ZenHouYi’s (Marquis Yi) BianZhong(Chimebells) puts the ancient sound from 2400 years ago in your hand. Kong Audio sampled the full replica of the excavated chimebells set and recreated the ancient instrument as an App. The unique design of this Chimebell set made every bell to produce two notes when being struck at different spots, as shown in the App. This is a great way to learn and play the authentic Chinese ancient musical instrument at the same time. Both enjoyable and educational, this august bell sound of grandeur brings you back to the ancient feudal palaces of China, no matter where you are. Highlights Sampled from the replica of ZenHouYi BianZhong in HuBei Chime Bells Orchestra Switchable between playing three racks individually, or playing them all on one page User can reverse the order of each rack when each rack is played separately. About Kong Audio Kong Audio has been producing traditional Chinese instrument libraries for the professional composers since 2005, covering a wide range of clients working in the film and game scoring, commercials, and pop music industries. With the release of this App, Kong Audio brings quality sound of BianZhong to everyone. Contact


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