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Ever bothered to calculate how much you can spend today? Tired of calculating how much you have left before you go over the budget? How do you manage your daily, weekly, or monthly budget/allowance? ‘BudgetToday’ will take care of all the complicated accounting works for you! ‘BudgetToday’ keeps track of your earnings, spendings and daily balance, and helps you managing your budget easier and faster. All you need to do is setting the cycle length and budget only once. Then? Every time you enter a new transaction record, ‘BudgetToday’ will do all the complicated calculations, such as... “How much should spend per day for the rest of the week?” “How much of my budget is left?” “How much did save last month?” f you can easily check how much you can spend now whenever you want, wherever you are, you probably won’t go over the limit by mistake. ‘BudgetToday’ is a guide to saving money! ‘BudgetToday’ calculates Today’s Budget How much you can spend Earning/Spending/Budget Left for Cycle And more! ‘BudgetToday’ provides ‘Quick nput’ mode that allows you to enter a new transaction within only a few seconds. ‘Detail nput’ mode that allows you to enter/edit transactions with details. Searching/Adding/Editing/Deleting transactions. Schedule Recurring Expenses. And more! f you find a bug or have any suggestion, please let us know through the "Contact Us" link on the About page in this app. We will take action right away!


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