Now a Universal App! Enjoy the game on the big iPad screen! The play screen has been enlarged for greater playability! Now with high resolution Retina display support! The beloved classic is back, with some startling new developments! As well as a revolutionary new addition to the Bubble Bobble family, this app also includes the original fan favorite! The game offers a completely new way to play, while the game is the original adventure game you know and love! [ ] Defend adorable Bubble Dragon Bubblun from waves of approaching enemies! Intuitive and exhilarating multitouch controls! Simply touch an enemy to trap it in a bubble, then touch again to burst the bubble! Set of bubble chain reactions to score huge point bonuses and rare items! Face off against fearsome boss enemies that lurk at the end of each zone! Features branching zones, with your path through the game determined by your performance! [ ] The game revival you've been waiting for! Featuring fast action, deep strategy, and 100 levels! Unlimited continues (just press keep you in the game! [ Shoot for the high score! Battle against the clock and see how many enemies you can defeat before time runs out! The countdown clock can be set to either 2 minutes or 5 minutes! [ Fulfill special ingame conditions and rare items will appear! Simply touch an item to add it to your collection! Items may later be viewed in the library. Collect them all!

Website: http://tap.taito.com/



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