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ExpoDev is the companion app for Plotter for Windows that allows you to more accurately expose traditional films using film test data from film tests. " meets the iPhone. t's the perfect match of Phil Davis' with the same device that the rest of my life is on." Robert Levittan "t has liberated me from having to worry about my negatives, so that can direct my attention to the important process of making a photograph." Laura Campbell "Liberation for the traditional film photographer." Bill Waldron Note This app cannot be used without having your own Film Profiles that have been analyzed and exported by the Plotter for Windows application. ExpoDev is the newest generation of ExpoDev for pple iOS devices. ExpoDev allows you to use your test Film Profiles to accurately calculate film exposures in the field for consistently exposed negatives that are easier to print in the darkroom. ExpoDev was designed for Large Format film photographers working in any traditional or alternative process (including hybrid processes such as film scanning). mong the many features in ExpoDev are n exposure record keeping system to keep track of all of your film exposures, allowing you to view the exposure details and the development time to use when back from the field Manages your lists of Film Profiles, lenses, and filters for fast & easy selection when making exposures Support for both ncident and traditional Zone System metering methods nteractively calculates the verage Gradient, and the for each scene while metering Support for userspecified filter factors and Large Format bellows extension compensation powerful Depth of Field calculator with selectable Circle of Confusion that supports 3 calculation modes (perture/Distance, Near/Far Distances, and Focus Rail Spread) calculator supports both metric and imperial measurement modes Calculates exposure by either selecting the perture or Shutter speed to use Supports pertures down to f/2048 (perfect for pinhole work) and Shutter speeds up to 6 hours n integrated exposure timer than can handle exposure times up to 12 hours Sophisticated reciprocity failure adjustments for both exposure and development time that are based on labproduced data for over 90 film and developer combinations and more... Note Sample Film Profiles are available for experimentation but they are not a substitute for personal film testing.


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