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BriefMe is a new way to stay informed. With so much news available to read today, staying informed is an overwhelming task. As the firstever news ranking system, BriefMe is designed to make it easy to get up to speed. Powered by the BriefMe Score™, the app identifies the top 10 most consumed and shared news articles of the moment. n addition to headline news, BriefMe also has sections. Explore top news from one of our six categories business, sports, technology, politics, world and entertainment. And, check the Stream to see an endless feed of news as it’s published. Stay in touch with BriefMe Website Twitter @getbriefme Facebook f you’re having technical issues or want to ask any questions, feel free to contact us at Feedback from our beta testers "Loving BriefMe. t's the only app use daily besides Twitter." "Can just say looking at this app for less than a minute, 'm already in love with how easy and visually stunning it is. can't wait to dig further into it great job!!!" "The interface is rich and think your algorithmic ranking of stories is a novel idea." "nitial impression. Love it. Will do more exploring later. Congratulations!" "This app is one of the best 've ever used. Period. am so busy that couldn't catch up with what's happening in the world." "'ve tried probably every news app and this is fighting for the current 1 spot." "My favorite app. look forward to checking it every day."



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