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Did you know that 6 Breaths per minute is the perfect breathing pace? Breathing Space will help you on your journey towards a deeper and healthier breath. While shallow breathing causes more stress and tension the benefits of deep breathing are many Brings more oxygen to all of the cells in the body Stabilises the nervous system. Strengthens the immune system and reduces tension in the body. With the inbuilt microphone you can assess how many breaths you take per minute. The app will then create a suitable breathing program for you that gradually leads you towards deeper breathing. With personal programs you will find exercises for all kinds of situations. Reach new levels and keep track of your progress towards an improved breath and a better health. The App contains Assessment of current breath ratio Personalised breathing programs Step by Step progress towards a deeper breathing ratio Guiding voice and soundscapes Reminder function Sync your assessments with the Health app Statistics to keep track of your progress Our hope is that Breathing Space will become a tool that gradually takes you toward a naturally deeper breathing and in that way contribute to better health and wellbeing.



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