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s 2015 the end of Get the scoop on Ross Lynch, and your favorite Vine Stars! few of you have written in saying that you've had trouble reading your magazines. There's a new version of the app that should fix this! ll you have to do is update the app, then choose the Restore button (the little cogwheel icon) and log in if it prompts you... and you should be good to go. s always, please write to us if you have questions always happy to help http// You are going to flip over for the iPad, iPhone and iPod! Every month, you'll get the latest news, discover the truth about gossip and read the secret thoughts of today's hottest celebrities, like One Direction, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Taylor Lautner and so many more. You'll take interactive quizzes... see private photos and videos you won't find in the magazine or online... draw and write in your magazines... discover hidden trivia... and it doesn't stop there! Even better, you'll get the issue the moment it comes out. Get our sister magazine, Tiger Beat, and double the amount of celebrity awesomeness every month! "Wait... are the magazines free?!" The app itself is free, but the magazine issues cost $2.99 each to download. That's $2 off the print version of the magazine in stores! Every once in a while we will be releasing special free editions of the magazines, so all you readers who have been wondering just be patient! "What can do with the free app?" With the free portion of the app you will be able to check in and tell us what you want to see in the magazines. Tell us who want to see in the magazines with our Be a Reporter feature right in this app. Vote on your favorite celebrities, enter caption contests, take polls, and more. " bought an issue but it's taking a reallllly long time to download!" Make sure you are downloading over a wifi connection not " downloaded the magazine, but it looks kinda funny... everything is really big." This can sometimes happen if the download didn't quite finish. Please make sure you are using wifi and not to download. To start over, rchive your issue, then hit Restore to redownload it for free. Got more questions? Please visit http// You can purchase and download single issues of Magazine on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod for only $2.99 a copy. Get access to the very latest issues the moment they become available.. or browse our collection of issues and download ones you might have missed! You may also purchase a 1year subscriptions for $19.99 comes out 11 times a year, so that's $12 in savings over the singlecopy price! When you buy a subscription, $19.99 will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. During your subscription period you will receive notifications and automatic downloads when new issues become available. Your subscription will autorenew one year from the date of your subscription for the same price of $19.99, unless turned off at least 24 hours in advance of the date that the subscription runs out. You may turn off autorenewal in your Settings panel at any time after subscribing, and it will not affect your current subscription. Please note that you cannot cancel a subscription while it is active. To view our Privacy Policy please visit http// To read our Terms of Service, please visit http// or help with the app, please visit http//



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