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highquality digital field guide, with bird names in English, scientific and Portuguese, covering over 1800 species of birds seen in Brazil. This list covers vagrants and includes every bird likely to be seen by birdwatchers in the region throughout the year. Information is provided including illustrations showing a range of plumages including subspecies and variations, beautiful still photographs for many species; songs and calls, maps showing distribution and text accounts from the Birds of Brazil by Ber van Perlo. FETURES species names in English, Scientific and Portuguese includes audio recordings of both songs and calls (which can be played on iPhone and iPod touch builtin speakers) superb portrait photographs for many species text accounts from the Birds of Brazil information on typical behaviour, identification and plumage variations distribution maps quick search by species name or part of name organise bird names alphabetically or by family, with collapsible headings intuitive navigation uses gestures and fliptohorizontal mode pinch zooming for visual assets favourite species feature BOUT Produced and published by BirdGuides Ltd, the UK's leading developer of natural history software. Please visit to see the wide range of birding services and products that we offer. BirdGuides has been established for more than 15 years and is staffed entirely by people who are birders themselves. We publish reference guides for every level, from beginners to professional ornithologists. The content and design of this app for Brazilian birds draws on this wealth of expertise. Please see our other apps in the iTunes store. NOTE To hear the songs, calls and commentaries, make sure your iPhone isn't switched to silent, and that the volume is turned up sufficiently. Early model iPod touch will require earphones or speakers.



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