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The Better Sex Workout For Women is your one stop shop for everything about Sex Exercise. Let’s face it most women don’t want to work out, but every woman wants to look good, have more confidence and please their man. There is a secret to great sex that no one talks about, Exercise. Think about exercising this way It holds the keys to feeling great about your body and enjoying the love life you’ve always dreamed of. Exercising key muscles can deliver all those benefits and more, immediately. Having sex uses muscles you don’t normally use during the course of a day. Sculpting and stretching those key muscles can mean more enjoyable sex. Want to improve the quality of your sex life or just have better luck getting in the mood? Let us guide you through the best workouts ever developed for better sex. We provide you with a 16 week program letting you know when to workout, when to rest all while giving you instructions for each exercise. Exercises have detailed text and numerous images to make sure you know exactly what you are doing to attain the goals you desire. The workouts and exercises have been specifically tailored toward targeting those key muscles resulting in Better Sex!! Features Preset workouts developed by a certified strength and conditioning specialist See instructional photos that explain each exercise in detail Just put on your headphones and follow along with audio cues Guide to Foods for Hotter Sex Top Tips and Tricks Comprehensive articles with life changing info Flexibility program to help you slide into positions never before imaginable Conditioning programs so your ready to go all night long Yoga program to help you relax and release all your stress


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