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PICK Conversations about weather are boring and old school. Want an app that will make you laugh instantly? Check out this new pickup lines app. It's got all the best nerdy, funny, cheesy and even corny pickup lines you couldn't even think of. "Win friends and influence people with hilarious pickup lines." Hahaha!!! You might even get lucky and win a girl or a guy over. You can try it out with the first person you see your way and check out how it works. HERE Have you ever wondered how to get a girl or guy to like you? Or how to get a girlfriend or boyfriend? Pickup lines are conversation starters with the aim of attracting an unfamiliar person's attention for romance, or dating. Guys and girls may need these pickup lines if they want to get to know someone at a park, a beach club, at social dating & networking sites or even at work. You never know when you may want a flirty pickup line! Sometimes a cheesy or corny pickup line can be the best thing to break the ice. The right pickup line should make even a rude person laugh or at least smile. Learn how to use these correctly and get their attention. HINESS PICK DTE


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