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for the $1.99 and £1.49. Get it while you can! Party Games, Sleepover Games, Teenager Party Games, Kids Party Games. Over 200 party games compared to just 20+ in the Lite pp. No ds, and loads more categories of games! Best Party Games brings you the ultimate collection of games for all occasions and all ages. It contains the coolest, most entertaining games you’ll ever need for a party, sleepover or drinking night. We’ve got old favourites like Fizz Buzz, Spin the Bottle, Snaps. nd a load of new games to liven up any event. This edition includes 5 groups of games Teenager Party Sleepover Party Party Selections Special Occasions bit Mad! This version includes over 200 games, with no adverts. WHT Ever been at a party, sleepover or bar and needed some inspiration for a cool game? Just fire up your iPhone and dive into Best Party Games for a huge selection of entertainment and challenges. Even better, hit “shake to shuffle” and get random ideas at the flick of the wrist! If you loved the game you just played, hit Favourites and add it to your list. nd why not send it to a friend we’ve included an email function that will ping the game straight to your mate. It’s that simple to have fun! Features Over 200 games in the Paid app, with no adverts Games in 5 groups and loads of categories Nifty shake to shuffle function Full search function Mark and list your favourites Email to a friend New graphics and share feature. Check regularly for updates we’ve got loads more games to add. BOUT Best Party Games is a Fingerspark production, launched in ugust 2009. For more information about this and other apps by Fingerspark, please visit us at



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