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Begroupd is the first groupmessaging app to put decisionmaking in the palm of your hand. Simply ask a question within your group chats with Begroupd’s decisionmaking tools and get instant input from friends and family. Use polls, ratings, RSVPs or yes/no’s to collect feedback about any topic you want within a familiar chat environment. The first app to integrate these features directly into your group conversations, Begroupd will be your personal group chat organizer you wish you had all along. This or That? allow you to send multiple options that your friends can vote on. Begroupd tallies their responses for you so you can quickly see how many votes each option has received, without having to manually track your friends’ responses. On a Scale of 1 to 5… Our 5star system lets you know exactly what your friends think. Send a photo or just ask a question and Begroupd will give you a final average of all the responses on a 5star scale. Make Plans! Create an event with RSVPs to get an exact headcount, and know who’s attending and who’s not. The invite will automatically populate your attendees’ calendars so they don’t forget! Yes or No? Sometimes all you need is a yes or no, without all of the opinions attached to it. Ask a quick for the simplest of feedback from friends. All In One Finally, app where you can talk, share photos and send videos to all your friend circles while enjoying the decisionmaking features that help simplify your group chats. Easy To Find Your polls, ratings, RSVPs and yes/no’s are all stored in one place, making it easy to toggle between them, see feedback, or even reuse an existing one. Unlimited Chat Potential Oneonone or in groups with an unlimited amount of people. Easily add and remove yourself from groups.



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