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Bass Companion is several tools in one a handy bass guitar tuner, a huge list of chord charts, and an even bigger list of scales. Look things up. Learn how to play. Add some bottom! Features Simple Intuitive Interface Tuner (learn how to tune by ear) Chord Charts (multiple positions for each chord) Scales (from Pentatonic Major to Blues Minor, and everything in between) Numbered Finger Positions Auto Strum Hear the chord you selected Manual Strum Play the chord by swiping across the strings Dynamic String Indicators Show which string/note is playing OneTouch Help All the info you need right on the main screen Pegs along bottom of screen control tuner. Click to play a note, click to stop playing. Charts and chords are displayed on instrument neck. Orange note indicates a "Root" note. Chord positions all the way up the neck to allow for a full range of chord selection With the smoke drifting through the club, the music slowly comes to life. Driven by the veritable Bass Guitar, it slowly builds momentum, eventually exploding into a funkinfused celebration. All seats are empty everyone is on the dance floor. And the Bass is leading the celebration!



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