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Are you a true Tar Heels basketball fan? Are you sure? Basketball Trivia is a fun way to see how much of a fan you really are. To be considered the Tar Heels 1 fan your knowledge will be tested with 100 questions ranging from team history to individual records. Here is how you play You'll be asked 10 multiple choice questions per level Every question you get right you get a point but for every one you get wrong you lose a point If you run out of points that is it! If you need help during the game we'll give you an assist in the form of (2) question skips (2) 50/50's 50% of the multiple choice answers will be removed You can earn more assists throughout the game every time you complete a level but use them wisely Are you ready to see if you're a true Basketball Fan? If so, download this App now. If not maybe there is a Duke game on that you can watch.


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