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Record your voice and play it back on repeat to your child while in bed, in order to give more assurance of your presence to him or her. With Apple Watch support, you can play and pause the lullaby playing from your sofa without having to disturb your baby's sleeping. Baby Lullaby Recorder simply allows you to record your voice and play it back to your child. Press the play button, enable repeat, turn your device's display off and simply place your device in your child's bed, out of reach. The Lullaby Recorder continues to play your voice until you press the Stop or the Pause button. Research has shown that infants hear and learn their parents' voice while in the womb. There is no surprize that hearing this voice while sleeping will give them warmth and will help them in sleeping longer at night. Please ensure that you place the device outside the reach of your child. Ensure also that the volume is not too high which can disturb your child.


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