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AyeTides is designed specifically for the iPad. If you are looking for an App to run on your iPhone, see the original AyeTides. AyeTides presents the tides or currents for over 10,000 locations around the world (see note). Designed for the iPad, AyeTides features + a twoday view with interactive graphs; sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset times; the current value of the tide/current; and a tide clock showing the time remaining until the next event + a calendar view that expands to show the day when tapped + station selection via a map (which is the only part of the app that requires an internet connection) or a table of stations. Select from an alphabetical list, or a specific region of the world. Selecting a station does not require the internet; all data is stored on the iPad. + your favorite stations and the 20 most recently opened stations are saved for later use. + Show the tides in feet or meters, or even fathoms! Currents can be shown in knots, m/s, or mph. AyeTides adjusts automatically for Daylight Savings Time, no adjustment on your part is needed. Please note! Current stations (aka tidal stream stations) are predominately in the United States, and are limited to estuaries, bays, channels, passages, harbors, and some fixed structures. Not all the stations listed by are available. Ocean currents are not part of the database, as they are based upon models and not measurements. Tides are not available in the Baltic due to a lack of data for that region.

Website: http://www.ayetides.com


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