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vaz Lite is an (ugmentative and lternative Communication) app that provides a voice for children with utism and other complex communication needs. vaz is a fullfeatured app a training layer for caregivers. Note vaz Lite is now more powerful and has all the features of vaz Together Lite. Download Now!! “vaz is like getting an app and a personal therapist in one” Heather Smart pps for Kids “vaz is...a really great way to skill up a team surrounding an user, providing more opportunities for the user themselves to become more successful”Jane Farrall vaz has been featured in a talk and also listed on MIT’s Top 35 Innovations. vaz is a fullfeatured, therapistendorsed app with an additional training layer to equip parents & caregivers with the strategies involved in therapy. vaz is also a great learning and speech therapy tool for children with Down Syndrome, ngelman Syndrome, spergers and other nonverbal conditions. vaz offers so much in one app, yet is intuitive and easytouse. vaz has set vocabulary with pictures (Symbolstix) and voice recordings (Ivona) to help your child create messages through touch. You can also customize the vocabulary for the child, by taking pictures and recording voices through vaz. Features List Widest symbol set and the most natural voices vaz has more than 15000 symbols in its Symbolstix vocabulary and the voices are from Ivona Researchbased The researchbased pragmatic vocabulary and core word sets in vaz enhance the child’s communication skills vaz offers a free download for you to see how the app meets the child’s speech needs Vocabulary that grows with your child The vocabulary is arranged into 3 grades, with a consistent layout and motor patterns and quick access to frequently used sentences. The 3 grades ensure that the Vocabulary grows with that of the child. Visualize your child's progress Track the child's communication development, and visualize it through rich, easytounderstand graphs and charts. Safety Backup and restore vocabulary and settings using iTunes and Dropbox Easy learning Learning is easier with word prediction pictures and text Scientifically built to enable the child to learn faster and recall better Reinforce the word selection with animation, so that the child is able to learn and recall better. Colorcoding with the Fitzgerald key makes vaz consistent with other specialed materials in the child's classroom. Easy access to words Quickly search for words in the vocabulary with the instant search bar that you can use even without an iPad Print out the child's vocabulary as a book, which you can carry. Make truly a part of the child's life, even when the battery runs out. The fastest, easiest customization in any app Personalize vaz in seconds with the words from the child’s daily life. You can add multiple words into vaz in a few seconds. Learn the child's language right within the app Get ideas for conversations you can have with the child to develop their language skills, beyond just requesting. Learn strategies to engage the child and speed up communication development in a simple, practical way. Integrate in the child's life Create more communication opportunities into the child's life, one activity at a time, through an activitybased dashboard. You will get conversation ideas, strategies, and modeling training for the most frequent activities of daily living. bridge to literacy The powerful vaz keyboard is always just one tap away. It is the bridge to the child’s literacy. For questions or comments about the special speech therapy app, vaz Lite, reach out to us at support@avazapp.com ( 1 business day turnaround time, guaranteed)

Website: http://www.avazapp.com/


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