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30000 timer that analyses your sleep patterns and automatically turns off your music when you fall asleep! 1 Top Paid in Greece (Dec 24, 2010) 1 Top Paid in iger (Dec 23, 2010) 1 Top Paid in Latvia (Mar 21, 2011) 2 Top Paid in Israel (Feb 8, 2011) 2 Top Paid in Romania (Jan 17, 2011) ...and many more... Solid 5 star application on the ppStore. Solid 5 star application on the ppStore. 4.9 star application on the ppStore. 5 stars by Maria Karamitroglou (December 24, 2010) "This app is gift from heaven. o need to add a duration! It stops the music when it feels you are asleep! Just MGIC!!" 5 stars by mikelegacy at (December 25, 2010) "It senses your movement using the accelerometer, and seeing that when you are in a deep sleep your movement almost stops, it turns the music off then. Pretty genius." 5 stars by Lightbridge (December 27, 2010) "This is a very simple utility that proves very useful if you are used to sleeping with music. It just works! cool idea" 5 stars by George (January 5, 2011) "Clever idea that just works. Simple to use and extremely usefull to those that listen to music when going to bed. highly recommended!" (Translated from Greek) This unique application on the ppStore, helps you listen to the music you love when going to bed, without worrying about turning it off. Just let yourself fall asleep and "utosleep Music Timer" will turn off the music for you. utosleep Music Timer renders all conventional time based timers useless. There is no need to set a specific playback duration. utosleep Music Timer will know when to turn it off! utosleep Music Timer uses advanced signal processing algorithms to detect your sleep phase based on subtle vibrations detected on your iPhone's accelerometer sensor. When it detects that you are in deep sleep, it turns off the music playing application, and puts the iPhone in low power consumption mode. In the morning utosleep Music Timer will inform you about the duration of the music played the last night. utosleep Music Timer works with any music playing application that supports background playing, whether that is playing your local music or streaming audio from the internet. (warning on the iPhone you can only use the iPod application since there is no support for multitasking) Language Localization The application is available in English, Greek an Spanish REQUIREMETS This application requires that you can place your iPhone on your mattress, so it can sense your movement.



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