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AutoQ for iPad & iPhone is a full and application that allows you to create, edit and share your drawings and designs. It lets you create fast and models and It is intended for everybody as professionals, sketchers, architects, engineers, designers, students and more. AutoQ takes full advantage of your device hardware and the same app runs on iPad and iPhone as well. Preset Views See your drawings from different points of view. View your models using orthogonal and isometric preset viewpoints. Adjust the view of a drawing by panning, zooming and rotating a view. Preset top, front, right, bottom, back, left, isometric. Drawing Tools Create models using three dimensions shapes such as lines, spheres, boxes and much more. Draw your own surfaces from primitives using extrude and revolve. Tools line, circle, rectangle, arc, polygon, text, triangles, box, sphere, region, extrude, revolve. Modification Tools These tools will help you to edit models using some basic operations. Tools erase, snapline, round, trim, fillet, offset, extend, explode, slice, texture uv, normals. Snapping Tools Increase the accuracy of creating and modifying objects. You can draw to the midpoint or from the endpoint of an object. Tools endpoint, midpoint, nearest, intersection, center, grid. Group Tools Organize objects by groups allows you to handle easier large models. Grouping functions are useful to manage several objects as one entity simplifying the process of edit them. Edit Tools Edit Tools move, scale, stretch, rotate, array, mirror View Modes Wireframe, smooth and hide lines mode Misc Tools These tools give us some drawing information or apply certain special commands. Tools distance, area, distance text, angle text, perpendicular and tangent lines Sharing Open and save drawings using You can use Desktop version (Mac/Windows/Linux) to print your drawings. iCloud support. Export to other apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive. Open supported files attached to an email. Universal App (iPhone / iPad / iPod support) Learning and documentation Each command inside the app has visible parameters. Documentation section in the website. Video tutorial library. Online forums Email support Downloadable User Manual & iBooks) Please backup your AutoQ iCloud files before you install this update. We appreciate your positive reviews into the App Store and your feedback to so you can help us give you a better service.



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