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Auto Finance Professional is the comprehensive auto finance application. App displays easy to understand graphs and charts. Amortization input data is saved and retrieved later. Key Features 1. Amortization 2. Comparison 3. Lease 4. Lease vs. Buy 5. Hybrid BreakEvenPoint 6. Whatif Analysis 7. Amortization input data is saved 8. Total Interest vs. Principle pie chart for Amortization is displayed 9. Bar chart comparing monthly payment, total loan payment vs. total interest paid is displayed Detail 1. Amortization a. Input Tradeinvalue, Amount owed on tradein, downpayment, sales tax, loan term in years/month, interest rate, optional extra payment per period and number of payments per year (by default it is 12/year or monthly) b. Summary Loan summary c. Schedule Period wise beginning balance, ending balance, interest, principle yearly 2. Comparison Add one or more auto loans and the summary presented 3. Car Lease Calculates lease payment or money factor. a. Input Base Cap Cost, Additional Lease Cost, Down Payment, Tradein credit, Other deductions, Residual Value (actual amount in $ or % of Money Factor (% or absolute), Lease Term in months, Sales Tax % and Lease Payment b. Summary If Money Factor is supplied, lease payment is calculated. Total lease cost is presented. If Lease Payment (including tax) is supplied, money factor is calculated 4. Lease vs. Buy Accepts loan and lease input and calculates lease and loan summary 5. Hybrid Break even Point Calculates Fuel Price or Miles Driven. a. Input Fuel price (to calculate miles driven), purchase price of hybrid & nonhybrid, hybrid tax rebate, add miles driven/year, add hybrid & nonhybrid maintenance cost, discount rate b. Calculates fuel price if miles supplied. Calculates miles if fuel price is supplied 6. What if analysis Calculates one of 4 variables (Principle, Time, Payment, Interest) while other 3 are supplied



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