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is an artificial intelligence music teacher with real human character. It has started the revolution of music education” Bloomberg Businessweek is an effective tool to learn aural skill. Students show significant progress in different stage." International Journal of Music Education Grand Award Winner Asia Pacific Award Gold Award Winner Asia Smartphone App Contest Gold Award Winner Hong Kong Award Creativity and Innovation Award Winner Hong Kong Awards for Industries More than 200,000 music students in the world are using now! The only App for preparation of Ear Test in Grade 110 Exam! Support 12 music instruments in melody playing part Learn with teacher with no time limitation. Have music lesson at anytime anywhere! for Grade 110 is based on latest syllabus of (The Royal Conservatory of Music) in Canada and Royal Conservatory Music Development Program in It is the world’s first patented interactive electronic music book. You and your kids or students can learn and practise music in an easy and fun way, anytime, anywhere and your examination results will improve significantly! Students can select the grade which they are going to take. In each grade, an introduction course and another 3 courses are available for students to practice. The courses are taught by artificial intelligence music teacher. Its “Digital Ear” accurately receives signals of a student’s performance on singing and music instrument playing pitches and volumes, clapping rhythms and intensities Then, its “Artificial Intelligence” function analyses and points out areas for improvement in real time. Finally, its “Cloud Computing” feature further creates statistical analysis based on the student’s track records, and makes suggestions to teachers about areas to target for training students. All these help to enhance the student’s pitch, rhythm and listening capabilities. It supports 12 music instruments, including Piano Violin Flute Clarinet Euphonium (Bass) Euphonium (Tenor) Guitar Percussion Recorder Saxophone Trombone Trumpet Features + Analyses singing performance and recognises areas to improve your accuracy with original music displayed on the same music sheet + Allows you to recognise differences in pitch and beat, and instructs you in a real human voice + Detects rhythm and strength of clapping and instructs you how to clap correctly + Provides a detailed explanation in the listening part, not just correct or wrong + Gives a selection of over 1,600 exam questions for all different grades + Allows users to share their performances in the server with teachers who can listen to the recording and monitor the progress + As if a music professor is teaching right beside you You can now learn music through a revolutionary product! ( for (Worldwide) and for (Australia) is also available. Please visit for further details) Like us on Facebook at Playnote Limited is not associated in any way with



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