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NOTE You must be running iOS7 or greater to use the app. If you do have a problem, try reinstalling the app (many apps work after a reinstall). Please contact us via our support link instead of writing a bad review, we fix every reported issue we can but need customers to use the proper channels to report a problem. Thank You! AudioBoard™ is the next generation customizable sound board app for people in the entertainment, theater, radio, sports, advertising, therapy, and any discipline that needs a state of the art sound board. Features Include Built from the core up for fast playback and board display. Tap to play, tap again to pause, two finger tap to reset to track beginning. Simultaneous or solo playback of any number buttons across audio boards. Drag arrange boards and buttons in Edit mode. Global stop all, pause/play all, fade out, crossfade, and piano mode commands. Audio boards are contained in “sets” for organization and distribution. Exceptional core audio construction and flat interface design. Extensible with Dropbox, Email, and iTunes® File sharing support. Runs in portrait and landscape on the iPad® and iPad Mini®. Large audio playback buttons and huge global command bar for easy control. Easy to use popover menus on board sets, boards, command bars, and buttons. Master volume quick slider and quickly accessible app brightness control for any lighting condition Plays the following audio formats Time delay playback, loop control, start and end point control, encore (repeat) point setting, and more. Notes per audioboard and per button with teleprompt mode for button notes. App settings include play on reset, hide button controls, track count up or down. Lock board feature so sounds don’t play when carrying iPad. Full User Manual and quick start videos with direct feedback to us via social sites or User Echo™ panel.



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