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The most accurate Ziwei fate detailed grant from the zodiac chart position represents personality traits, academic career, love, wealth, health, and present to you the most complete chart resolution. Astrology Free telling the most accurate [Emotional problem, easy to solve] Today's society everyone will have a different emotional problems or busy work life, to become a strong woman in the eyes of colleagues and friends, but only silently waiting for their own Mr. Right appears, it remains alone; or have a favorite thing, but you are afraid the other party can not accept themselves and dare to pursue their own true love; or stumbled in the emotional way, do not know whether it is now able to commission lifelong lover, fear not married, even more afraid of the wrong thing marriage; or feeling flash marriage for love, marriage contradictions and partner, do not know how to maintain a happy family ...... Teacher pointed out, trying to solve emotional problems, the key is to understand their own situation numerology. By clarifying the characteristics of your love and affection suffered hits to looking for your partner. Of course, love and marriage are two things to determine whether it is worthwhile to spend your loved one's life is very important! Analysis of the performance of your spouse married life and love attitude, love to see the real side, so as to better get along with your partner, make life more harmonious and happy marriage! Features: 1 the conventional Ziwei numerology knowledge, explain in layman's language, selftaught professional Jiepan! 2 refined analysis of each palace life, fortune, flow chart full day forecast fortune index, astrology and bad! 3 teach a variety of open secret transport of disaster, strain and downs in life, good fortune! 4 the most professional fashion Ziwei application, simple, portable, view future change anytime! Application of content Secret 1 fleeting fortune detailed batch, seven directions detailed analysis of your fleeting fortune, allowing you to stay out of trouble, the smooth development of all aspects of a good harvest every year. 2 marriage emotional analysis to understand the status of your marriage, love, give advice in the emotional aspects, and find the appropriate item in your marriage. 3 wealth situation analysis, see your good or bad fortune, rich level, and govern the use of money, and the ability and opportunity to make money. 4 pay attention to the analysis of health, see your health status, body most likely to get sick of the place, that part of the body to pay more attention to maintenance. 5 The development of analysis, we can see you are suitable for business, can what profession, interactions with the boss to get along with other information. 6 the master words of advice, tell your own shortcomings and the negative impact, noting that most need to focus on the questions and the correct way to deal with. More exciting content, you can download the application experience! Astrology Flow Analysis month ¥ 40 / month Astrology flow analysis monthly subscription paid directly by credit card itunes account. f the current order flow analysis month period (one month) is not canceled within 24 hours before the end of the renewal, we will automatically renew the next cycle of Astrology. n order validity can not be canceled. After the order is successful, you can manage their own subscription service in the "Account Settings".



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