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ArexiMobile is a mobile application intended for tablets and smartphones and operates in accordance with the parameters of the Internet Banking service of by the Bank. In order to use this application one needs to download ArexiMobile, visit one of the nearest branches of the Bank, sign an agreement and get a username and password to log into the App. The current users of the Internet Banking service can immediately log into the App by using the username and password initially provided for Internet Banking. “AreximbankGazprombank Group” has responded to the needs of its customers by developing a secure and userfriendly mobile banking solution. It lets you manage your everyday banking from the palm of your hand and it puts everyday banking tasks at your fingertips. It’s fast, it’s secure and it’s free. All you need is your internet banking username and password which will grant you a 24/7access to the financial services. Which means that you will have the freedom to manage your finances whenever and wherever you want, without being concerned about security and confidentiality issues. Whether you need to pay a bill while away from home, to check your account balance at the supermarket, to transfer funds on the way to the airport, to recharge your mobile phone before taking a holiday, ArexiMobile users can pick up the phone and carry out the desired transaction by hitting a few keys. What can you do with ArexiMobile? Subscribe to the mobile banking service around the world and cancel your subscription at any time; Add or remove a bank account from a list of available accounts; Verify the balance of your bank accounts; View the most recent transactions on your bank accounts; Check the amount of credit available on your credit cards; Check the balance of their credit card accounts; Pay utility bills, such as electricity, Internet and mobile subscriptions; Pay other services through reference numbers found on the bills; Repay your loans; Check the currency rates of “AreximbankGazprombank Group” ; Find the nearest & Branch of “AreximbankGazprombank Group” through the map.


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