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There are a few questions you need answered before pushing that shiny buy button in the upper corner Who is your ppdvice and what does he do? ppdvice tells you everything there is to know about apps and your iPhone or iPad. What's the latest app news? Which apps came out and need to be downloaded right now? Want to see a detailed review of any app in the top 25? Need to know what the best Twitter client is? ppdvice shows you which apps you can't live without and uncovers tips and tricks to get your iDevice rocking to its full potential. Who is ppdvice for? f you just got an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, ppdvice gives you detailed guides and on what apps to download right away to make it cool. Or if you've got tons of apps and want to learn what new apps are better than your old ones, or want to discover brand new apps to get you excited about your device again, ppdvice is the perfect app for you. Finally, if you have an iPhone or iPad and can't figure out what all the buzz is about, let ppdvice teach you all about your new toy and get you speaking the lingo in no time. We even have lists of apps for every kind of person, if you are an outdoorsman or a pet lover, we have a list of apps ready for you to download. Okay fellas, what's the deal? $2 for this app? Why not free? First of all let us ease your concerns. Believe me, no one is getting rich off this app. We believe in our product and will continue to develop it to make it better and better. We update it dozens of times each day and are consistently adding new features. There are no ads at all in the ppdvice app, so your $2 contribution keeps us building and ensures we are the ultimate app discovery service in the pp Store. This $2 also gets you the app on all your devices. iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, the same $2 gives you a custom ideal experience for each of your devices. mean honestly, isn't it better to spend $2 on ppdvice than half a cup of coffee? We think so too. On a serious note, please let us know any feedback or suggestions you have, as all work is centered around you always knowing what apps to get, what apps to skip, and what's cool in the pp world. Look for constant updates based on your suggestions. Here is a list of the features ppNews Latest nformation on everything pp Store. ppGuides Ranks competing apps that provide similar function. ppLists bundle of apps that fit unique types of people and needs. ppReviews Over 5,700 detailed reviews of the top paid apps, new ones added daily. ppisodes Daily video news recap show about the latest iPhone/iPad apps. Don't like to read? You'll love these. ppMovers Lists good up and coming apps that are still relatively unknown. Great way to find new apps. New pps Lists all the new apps that come out each day. Updated pps Lists all the apps that are updated each day. ppSales Shows you which apps have dropped their price so you can get them cheap. f you love your iDevice, you'll love the ppdvice app, as it will help you rediscover it day after day. Sections already live for iPhone app and coming soon to iPad app! Push notifications are now live!



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