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pp Making Guide is a stepbystep guide that will show you how to make a great app without programming. It also lets you record your app ideas and calculate your estimated profit from an app. pp Making Guide is made by the creator of 4 top100 apps (without knowing how to 'code' an app) and this guide is written in simple english for anyone to understand. The guide will take you through the following How to come up with an app idea Ways to make money from your app Determining app features How to find a great developer direct link to the graphics designer we use How to write a great pp Store description pp marketing strategies, tips and resources Useful reporting resources Lots more FETURED ON Today Tonight, Nova 96.9, Daily Telegraph,, Herald Sun, The 702 Drive with Richard Glover, The North Shore Times, Shoe String Startups, and 96.5 chievements No. 1 in Books category No. 1 Grossing Books pp Top 7 on entire pp Store Top 30 Grossing Overall Top 10 in Books category in 39 countries Featured in 'What's Hot' section of iTunes Featured as 'New' by iTunes Our very happy customers "Nice app, really easy to understand and some useful tools as well!" "Great app! Very Impressed! 5 Stars!!" "This is exactly what I've been looking for. Worth the price" We want to make this guide available to everyone so instead of charging hundreds or thousands of dollars for our guide, we have decided to give it away for a lot less. This is a useful guide that will show you how to make a great app without programming and save you thousands of dollars in the process. The developer that does the coding should be 7090% cheaper than a local developer and the recommended designer is an ussie but cheap and awesome! Many of the systems, ideas and processes in our guide are the same that we have used to make 4 top100 apps!



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