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Are you more anxious on Mondays than you are on Fridays? Are you anxious days before any social event? Were you more anxious this Christmas than you were the last? If you have answers to these questions you are farther along than most people. Because anxiety is all consuming, most people have no idea how long they have been anxious or what actually triggered it. They lose themselves in their anxiety and scramble around trying to fix it, only to get caught in the same trap time and time again. The purpose of Anxiety Tracker is to alleviate this pattern of unawareness. By allowing you to track your anxiety, you can begin seeing trends in your anxiety and instead of getting lost in it you can become aware of it, even before it starts. This app is also a great way to track your child’s anxiety. By logging your child’s daily anxiety you can begin to get a clearer picture of just how anxious your child is, what triggers your child, and when to expect your child to become anxious before an anxiety producing event. Anxiety Tracker allows you to Choose your anxiety levels daily Chart your own anxiety Have stats of your daily anxiety Email anxiety details to anyone including therapists, friends, family members, etc. How it works Tap on the date on the calendar page and a screen will pop up. Select Low Anxiety, Medium Anxiety, or High Anxiety (If you had no anxiety select Low Anxiety). Select the Notes section to record anxious thoughts. Your levels of anxiety will automatically be color coded on the calendar. Low Anxiety Green, Medium Anxiety Yellow, High Anxiety Red. Select the Graph button to see how your anxiety fluctuates daily. Select the Stats button to see how many anxious days you’ve had this month. Select the email button to email your details. Remember, with anything…Knowledge is Power!


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