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Ageing or Growing old is of course one of the most natural things our bodies go through, It is a natural part of the development of our bodies that started the day we were born and is also one of the most unloved natural influence humans must accept. As we grow older things begin to go wrong with us. Our body system begins to show its age and loses flexibility. Whatever the reasons, the fact is that after certain age, parts of our bodies start to wear out. These changes are both internal and external, and may affect men and women differently. When looking at how your body ages, some of the most obvious changes are on the outside that is skin. Although these are the common signs of aging, not everyone experiences them equally. In fact your genetic heritage and the way you live your life will determine how many of these changes will affect you. We all want to live for a long but we want our years to be happy, healthy and meaningful. Some people call this elder hood. But most people say “AntiAgeing”. ANTI is the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age. It allows people to realize their potential for physical, social, and mental wellbeing throughout the life course and to participate in society, while providing them with adequate protection, security and care when they need. “ANTI”? This application comprises all that you need for AntiAgeing such as & & & & And needs for a Healthy life. For Men & Women curious about their ageing and health would enjoy this application!!! Note This app is just for reference only, consult near by doctor for any health related issues/problems.



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