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Now, for the first time ever ngel Tarot specially developed for your tablet! Benefit from the centuriesold wisdom that angels carry within, and find out more about yourself. Their messages can give you the faith you need to make your dreams come true. Evidence of the angels’ presence among us has existed for ages. These invisible and elevated spiritual beings have the mission to guide us delicately and render support in various situations. In their essence, angels are guardians and messengers, and one of their main tasks is to deliver the personal messages the Universe has for us! ngel Tarot is one of the ways you can connect with these invisible helpers and find out what you want to know about yourself, love and life in general. Features of the application deck of 32 beautiful cards, specially developed for maximum authenticity completely tabletcompatible app Nice design and easy navigation Variety of spreads for any situation Unique and detailed interpretations of each card



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