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“American Accent Training™” Pick up a standard American accent in just a few hours! This is an excellent resource for all students. Actors can easily get a standard accent for auditions and roles. APP American Accent and The tory of Max (both available in Chinese and Japanese) ingAlong ong Bird, Complete Verb Tenses, Mr. Thingamajig, Jokes with Explanations and Audio (available in Japanese), as well as The Four Gospels with popular verses spoken aloud. Learn pronunciation, word connections and the American speech music in a simple stepbystep process. You can use your iPhone headphones to listen, record on the digital recorder, and compare yourself with the model audio. (The app works great on the iPod, but the recorder does not appear. orry!) It’s fun! It’s easy! It’s fast! Designed by Ann Cook, author of the bestselling American Accent Training, is an amazingly easy way to learn the American accent. It’s perfect for beginning, intermediate and advanced students. This is the least expensive way available! You start with the most basic intonation patterns and go through to the most advanced levels in English. Your comprehension will increase dramatically. This is excellent practice for and instructors will find this to be a great way to pick up the basics of teaching the American accent. Perfect for a daily commute or a long trip! Feature ummary Intonation Word Connections Pronunciation of all the consonants The American and Th, and etc. Pronunciation of all the vowels Cat / Caught / Cut, Bit or Beat? etc. Can and Can’t Audio for each exercise Digital recorder Coming soon American English Grammar & Accent, British vs. American English, Punctuation & pelling, ules of yllable tress, Pronunciation Flashcards, Plants / Vegetables / Flowers, and Planes / Trains / Automobiles. We'd love to hear what you'd like to see created! Let us know!



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